Here to help you and your heart

The Association is established for the relief or prevention of sickness amongst persons with or at risk of heart disease, in particular coronary disease, and for the rehabilitation of those who have undergone cardiac intervention.

Online Classes

If you are unable to get to the Club physically, we also offer a timetable of online classes, which are operated via Zoom. The zoom timetable offers both a standing exercise class or an assisted exercise class following a similar format to the group exercises that we follow within the Club.

Group Exercise Classes

This class is for members with no balance or mobility problems. It is a fully standing class that has fun and varying warm up and cool down routines. The circuit incorporates cardiovascular exercises and some functional weighted exercises, with a variety of options of intensity to achieve a full body cardiovascular workout. The class involves x10 different exercises which are performed twice.

Group assisted Class

This class is for members with balance and/or mobility problems, or that need to have closer control of their exercise intensity. Members can either warm-up behind their chair for stability, or you may also warm up in a seated position. During the main circuit we perform leg, core, and upper body weighted exercises in combination with cardiovascular exercises. The aim is to improve stability, increase cardiovascular fitness and maintain well-being.

One to Ones

Within this session you will be provided an individualised gym programme where you perform a pre-planned set of exercises using our full range of cardiovascular machines and a free weights area. The intensity, time period, training method, equipment, comorbidity, goals and fitness level will all be taken into consideration when planning your individualised, cardiac specific gym programme. You must first have a one-to-one with a BACPR qualified instructor who will work with you to devise your programme. Once this programme has been prescribed, you may attend as often as you like, so long as you follow the BHC guidelines.